September 26, 2022
Cooler weather is around the corner, and it may be time to start looking at a felt cowboy hat.

So, you may ask which hat material is best?  That is up to you. There are a few different materials to choose from.  

There’s Cotton…often blended with other natural or synthetic fibers, like linen, rayon, or polyester and woven into cloth.  

Wool…A high quality felt made from sheep’s wool. Wool is sheared so some of its ability to mesh well is somewhat limited.

Cashmere… A type of wool obtained from cashmere and other types of goats. Cashmere wool is softer, finer, stronger, and more insulating than other wool.

Fur…which can consist of Rabbit, Beaver, or blends of the above.

A non-woven cloth that is produced by matting, condensing, and pressing fur fibers. The fibers used for hat making are from the soft downy under fur and so hat making felt is very soft compared to the tougher felts used for construction materials. Fur hats offer the most durability and wearability but also come with a much higher price tag.

At Gone Country Hats, all our felt hats go through very similar forming processes.  The main differences are the materials used and the final finish touches, such as sweatband, hat bands or whether the brim edge gets bound.

So, Let’s look at the different materials Gone Country Hats currently uses and how they may fit your needs…

Cotton Felt

If you like the look and feel of wool cowboy hats but would like a less expensive option, faux felt might be the right choice. Made from a special cotton/polyester fabric, a high-quality hat crafted of faux felt can look just as nice as the real deal, and is easy to wear, clean, and maintain. Manufactured with a wired and bound-edge brim, they are easily shaped by hand without the need of steam.  Even better, a faux felt option may be easier on the budget.

Cashmere/Wool blend

Our Bolivian Cashmere/wool blends offers comparable softness and wearability to rabbit fur but at a much lower price point.  The moderately stiffened body is offered in several styles and colors in both a raw and bound edge.  The hats are easily reshaped using steam.


We are currently working with various manufactures around the globe on rabbit and beaver fur materials.  Our objective is to bring you the best quality materials at the most affordable price, while not sacrificing the quality craftsmanship you have come to trust with Gone Country Hats.

No matter what cowboy hat material you choose, proper cleaning and care will help it last through nights on the dance floor, work weeks on the jobsite, days in the saddle, and every special celebration. 

Can You tell the Difference? 

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We offer two different types of felt: a budget, super soft yet durable Cotton Felt and a premium Cashmere/Wool Blend.
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