How to look sharp with a festival cowboy hat

One of the most fun things to do on a summer weekend is to attend a Country Music Festival!

So, gather a group of friends, load up the camping gear, stock up on your favorite beverages, gas up the truck and hit the road. But don’t forget the cowboy hat.

Today, cowboy hats are used for more than functionality. Country singers, concert goers, and fashionistas can be seen wearing a cowboy hat almost anywhere. Available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, the cowboy hat is a true country concert and festival must-have.

Many men opt for something more traditional looking, where women will lean more towards what is referred to as Western Fashion. But that’s not a rule.

Choose a style and color that best fits the weather conditions, your outfit, physical stature and of course… ATTITUDE

First, let's talk about materials

You do know it’s going to rain at most festivals, right? So what materials are weather resistant? The most weather tolerant material is palm leaf. It can be wet for long periods of time without damage. As long as you re-shape it and let it completely dry before storing it, palm straw is perfect for inclement weather. In addition, it wicks heat and sweat from your head to keep you cooler in the summer heat.

Painted straws are great for brief rain. Canvas, bangora and shantung are straws that have lacquer mixed in with the paint so they will shed water. They aren’t waterproof, but they are weather tolerant.

Cotton felt is water resistant. It will water spot in the rain, but it won’t collapse. The brim on cotton felt hats is wired, so you easily re-shape it after the rain.

Wool felts may lose their shape if they get very wet, but they can be re-shaped easily. A steamer is needed to re-shape wool felts if they don’t have wire in the brim.

What style is best for your stature
It’s all about proportion. If you are broad-shouldered, large or tall, you might like a traditional cowboy hat with a crown and brim size of about 4 inches.

These are generally though of as “cowboy hats”. If you have a narrower frame or face you might want to start out with a “western fashion hat”. These have a pinch, or teardrop, crown and a brim of about 3-1/2 inches. The brim on a fashion hat might be curled up a bit, making the hat appear narrower as well.

Festival Cowboy Hat

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