Air Force Heroes


Choose your material below.

Brim Size:
3-3/4 inch
Crown Size:
4 inch
Material: American Flag Cotton Felt, American Flag Palm, Black Cotton Felt, Black Straw, Brown Cotton Felt, Brown Straw
Brim Size: 3-3/4 inch
Crown Size: 4 inch
Sweetband Size: Flexfit

Quick…what’s most important to you? We’re a small business so we treat you like family. We answer our phone. We make a high quality cowboy hat and we back it up with our Lifetime Quality Warranty.  You’ll love our 5 Star customer care.

Whether you’re the Air Force Hero or love someone who is, we help you honor our protectors.

You can choose among 5 materials, all shaped with attitude. You can gently shape these differently if you want. Each of these hats has a 4 inch pinch crown and a 3-3/4 inch brim. They have soft flexfit sweatbands to help the hat fit.

  1. Brown straw:  A lightweight vented and lacquered straw that is very comfortable on your head. Gently shapeable with a wired brim, UV protective and treated for light water resistance. You can wear it in the rain, but don’t keep it wet for long periods of time.
  2. Black straw:  A lightweight, vented and lacquered straw hat that can be shaped by gently manipulating the wired edge of the brim.  It’s UV protective and treated to shed water. Don’t keep it wet, but some rain won’t hurt it.
  3. American Flag cotton felt:  This has the American Flag printed underneath. The base hat is the Patriot, one of our best selling hats. Cotton felt is soft, durable and colorfast.
  4. Brown cotton felt:  It has a wired brim for shapeability. Fully UV protective. Comfortable and durable, it’s a classy looking material.
  5. Black cotton felt: It has a wired brim for shapeability. Fully UV protective. Comfortable and durable, it’s a classy looking material.

We include sizing tape with every hat so you can make it tighter if it’s a tad too big.


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Fast Shipping

Your hat leaves our warehouse in 1-2 business days. We use our custom-designed boxes for safe travels.

We’re a small business with a big attention to detail.

Check out the video below to see our packing and shipping

Lifetime Quality Warranty



We warranty against any manufacturing defects. If for any reason the hat you have chosen doesn’t live up to your expectations, please call. We’re happy to talk with you 7 days a week.

Since we design and produce our own cowboy hats, our quality control is excellent; but if any part of the hat is not well made, we will repair or replace it at our discretion. For Life. We’ll ask you to send us pictures of the hat so we can see its defect or damage. If the issue is so small you can fix it with hot glue (like a hatband that has come un-glued) and you aren’t able to walk into one of our festival stores, we will probably teach you how to fix it yourself so that you don’t have to send it back to us.

We want you to be happy with your hat. We love dogs and beer as much as you do, but when either come into play, sometimes s**t happens to hats. If your hat gets damaged in a way that is not related to our manufacturing process we will still do what we can to repair or help you fix your damaged hat.

Shipping charges may apply. Call Judy at (407) 504-2800‬ or email [email protected]

Head Measuring Guide

It’s important to measure your head before ordering so you get the right size. Cowboy hats should feel snug, but not tight. Have someone help so your measurement is accurate.

Wrap a tape measure around your head 1-2 fingers above your eyebrow and 1-2 fingers above your ear. Take the measurement to the nearest 1/8 inch and then refer to the sizing guide to find your hat size.

Check out the video below to learn how to take your head measurement.