How to find the best wedding cowboy hats

Country weddings are the “in” thing right now. A nice casual or country setting outdoors is the ideal back drop for the special occasion.

A big part of the atmosphere is going to be a stylish cowboy hat.

For men… it’s simple, A crisply shaped black felt hat works well with formal attire. If you’re going for the casual dress-down pair of Jeans, boots, and jacket over an open-collared shirt you might prefer a traditional ivory or natural straw hat. We have seen country weddings with the groom and all his groomsmen in the same hat, but if you’re the groom, you might choose to set yourself apart with your own style and put all the groomsmen in a separate style or material. It’s your day and your taste prevails.

For women… it can be a bit more challenging. A lot depends on the hair style and the gown. Most women opt to wear the more traditional bridal veil, but a creative trim on a hat might be an option. You can attach the veil to the hatband and remove it after the ceremony. Another option for the bride is to go all traditional with the veil for the ceremony and put a western fashion hat on when you change into your reception outfit.

Once the vows are said and the dancing begins, all bets are off. Everyone is “Here for the Party” …SALUD!

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